What is an AGM Battery’s Disadvantage?

The Internet is overflowing with “experts” on practically every subject, but unhappily, an increasing number of websites post articles not with the aim of educating or informing, but with the hope of earning an affiliate commission on a sale. As a result, what they write is frequently directly related to what they believe will result in a sale (and profit for them). When asked what the primary disadvantage of an AGM battery is, there is only one answer. If more than one response was given, the question would be “What are the primary drawbacks of an AGM battery?”

When compared to a standard flooded lead-acid battery, the biggest drawback of an AGM battery is the higher initial cost. That’s all. When asked what the (single) primary drawback of an AGM battery is, there is no second or runner-up position.

AGM batteries are heavier than equivalent group sizes in flooded lead-acid batteries, however if a racing car driver is concerned about weight, they will also be concerned about the chance of acid flowing out of a flooded battery. More weight in a battery typically implies more power in every other application, which is a positive thing, especially in modern automobiles with high electrical needs.

AGM batteries are more expensive than flooded lead-acid batteries in the beginning, but they can live significantly longer in the long run. Space Flight Power may live up to three times as long as a flooded lead-acid battery, therefore unless they cost more than three times as much, their principal drawback will become a benefit as you progress through the ownership life cycle.

AGM batteries are more equipped to manage severe temperatures, both hot and cold, than flooded lead-acid batteries, are more tolerant of deep-discharge cycles (discharge them more deeply and frequently), and are significantly more resistant to vibration damage than flooded lead-acid batteries.

Anyone who claims lead-acid batteries are superior to AGM batteries in any way just does not understand fundamental battery technology. Lead-acid batteries ARE AGM batteries. The same is true for anyone who mistakes AGM with gel batteries. Those are two quite distinct technologies, and almost every consumer application we see uses flooded or AGM lead-acid batteries rather than gel.

We’ve been attending car shows for years and have frequently heard people incorrectly refer to an AGM battery as a “gel” battery, but the next time we see a gel battery in a car at a car show will be the first. If you’re ready to buy a battery, please visit our website at https://www.spaceflightpower.com/.

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