Symptoms of a Brain Tumor

             Tumor is one of the scariest things to be heard in our life. It is often devastating news to hear that someone is having a tumor. A tumor refers to the growth of abnormal cells. There are two types of tumor. One is known as a non-cancerous tumor and the other one is known as a cancerous tumor. Non-cancerous tumor, or simply known as benign tumor means that the tumor itself will stay at one place and is usually easier to be removed. The other type, or known as malignant is a bit tricky because this type of tumor tends to spread to other places, is very aggressive and of course, harder to cure. One of the deadliest tumors in the world is brain tumor. It is considered as dangerous because it will grow inside your brain, an important place that controls everything your body does. This is the reason why so many people fear it. Plus, you can ask a doctor about it just to make sure and they will tell you that it is true. The fact that it can grow and interfere with your brain’s functions means that it might interfere with your whole body system. This is also why the symptoms of brain tumors can be very broad. Now, what are the symptoms of brain tumor? In this article, we will try to explain the symptoms so that you can be alert of what to expect in people with brain tumors. Maintain your health.

Symptoms of brain tumor

  • Headache. Headache caused by a brain tumor is often sudden onset. It happens due to the pressure from the tumor mass towards the brain. As the mass grows, it will usually cause the headache to become more severe and more frequent.
  • Vision problems. The control center for our vision is situated at the back of our brain. So, if the abnormal cell growth happens somewhere around this area, you will likely develop vision problems. Some of the common vision problems reported are blurred vision, double vision and also loss of peripheral vision.
  • Nausea and vomiting. This is one of the most common symptoms reported around the globe by people with brain tumors.
  • Loss of movement. As mentioned above, the brain controls all of our body systems including our movement. Hence, a brain tumor might interfere with this function causing a difficulty in your movement. Besides, it is also possible to experience loss of movements especially in your arm or legs.
  • Speech difficulties. The brain also controls our speech. Usually, a brain tumor that is situated at the sides of our brain will provide this problem. People with brain tumors usually report that they are having stammer and problems in finding words.
  • Hearing problems. Brain tumors do interfere with our senses. Hence we can also develop hearing problems such as difficulty in understanding words.
  • Behavior changes. When we talk about the brain, it defines who you are. So, of course brain tumors can also change your behavior or even your personality as well.
  • Seizure. This is also a red flag in someone that has not had a seizure episode before.

All of the mentioned symptoms are the most common symptoms found in people with brain tumors. However, these symptoms are not complete, which means that the less common symptoms were not mentioned here. Some people might experience different symptoms than the other person. However, if you suspect that your symptoms might have something to do with your brain, then you need to meet your doctor as soon as possible. This is because any disease that is related to the brain needs to be treated immediately as it is an emergency. Know about our Hajj Vaccination package.

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